internet history

History of web design

1998 - 2001

Although web design has a good recent history, it can be associated with other areas such as graphic design and coding. Though web design can be seen from the technological view point. It has become a huge part of people's lives today. It is tough to consider the web without any animated graphics, various styles of background, typography and music.

While working at CERN in 1989, Tim Berners - Lee explained how to make a global hypertext project, which later became called as the WWW or World Wide Web. During 1991 to 1993 the WWW was born. Using a simple line mode browser, text – where only pages can be viewed. Eric Bina and Marc Andreessen in 1993, made the mosaic browser. At the time there were various browsers, though the majority of these were Unix - based and relied heavily on text. There has never been this essential approach to graphic design elements such as sounds or images. The mosaic browser broke this mould.

In 1990, the first competitive browser was released by Microsoft, which contained its own tags and features. It was also the first to support style sheets, which was considered an obscure authoring method. The HTML markup for tables was intended originally for showcasing tabular data. Though designers immediately realised that the essentialness of using HTML tables for making the complex, multi - column layouts that were not possible then. At this time, good aesthetics and design seemed to take priority over good mark - up image and little attention was paid to web accessibility and semantics.

In 1996, Flash which was originally called Future Splash was born. At the time, the flash content development tool was relatively simple, using basic layout and drawing tools, a limited precursor to Action Script and a timeline, but it opened web developers to go beyond the HTML point, JavaScript and animated GIFs. Though, as Flash needed a Plug - in, various web developers omitted using it for fear of lessening their market share due to lack of compatibility.

In 1998, Netscape launched a communicator code under an Open source license, enabling plenty of developers to take part in improving the software. Though, they planned to start from the beginning, which offered the development to open source browser and soon expanded to finish application platform.

Since the beginning of the 21st century the web has become much integrated into the lives of people. As this has happened the web technology has also moved on.